Coat of Arms

The very essence of the emblem is derived from the symbol of the Franciscan Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. The symbol is a picture of our Lady of Presentation standing within a lily. The symbol bears the motto “Ecce Ancilla Domini”, “Behold the Handmaid of the Lord” (LK 1:38). It is from this lily that the name “Nirmala” was born, signifying purity and serenity.

The cross at the very top of the insignia stands for charity’s fundamental spirit of sacrifice and life-improving kindness. The burning torch represents the sparks of knowledge that ignite in pupils’ minds and illuminate them with their brilliance. The majestic lily is a symbol of purity. The star represents the grace and benevolence of the College’s guiding light. Olive leaves stand for harmony. As a result, this institution’s guiding spirit, Nirmala, the “purest lily,” bestows blessings and conveys limitless wisdom.
The colour representing loyalty and infinity is blue, which can be seen in the logo. The College Song, which is sung during assemblies and other significant occasions, is consequently based on the insignia.