Maintenance is an important factor in quality assurance and good functioning of the institution

  • Adequate Human resources are appointed exclusively for maintenance and upkeep of campus infrastructure. All class rooms are well maintained. A maintenance supervisor and maintenance assistants like plumbers and electricians assist in the upkeep and preventive maintenance of the entire premises. These personnel are available 24*7 to monitor the maintenance activities.


  • Sports room, and playground are maintained by the support staff under the supervision of the physical directress.


  • The Stock registers and accession registers for equipment, chemicals and glassware are updated annually by the staff in the science labs. Maintenance of equipment and glassware are done by the lab assistants after every practical. Maintenance of some equipment such as microscope is outsourced.


  • The stacking arrangement of the books in the library is done with the help of library staff and conduct physical stock verification annually.


  • AMC exists for the maintenance and upkeep of all computers and internet facilities. All the electrical and electronics equipment are looked after by a team of electrical maintenance staff.