1. “Good results depend on extra work done in the library.”
2. The library has a good collection of Books & Periodicals in many
3. In addition, “Library subscribes E-Resources under the N-List

4. Students & staff can also access E-Books, E-magazines, & E-journals.
5. Perfect order and strict silence should be maintained in the library. Any
discussion should be kept outside the library.

All the staff and students of the college are privileged to have direct access to the stack. No one is allowed to bring any other book/article inside the Library.

Each member will be given two library tickets and two books will be issued at a time. Library cards will be supplied to the students by the College in the beginning of the academic year. In case the card is lost, the librarian should be informed of the fact at once. The owner of the card will be responsible for the books and periodicals issued on that card. The card lost may be replaced with the duplicate on payment of Rs. 50/-. Library Cards are not transferable. Sublending of books is also forbidden. Books and periodicals will be issued only on producing the library card. Books must not be marked or defaced in any manner. The pages should not be folded by the way of bookmarks. Students should examine each book, before borrowing it and report to the librarian any damage found therein. If they fail to do so, they will be responsible for any damage detected after their use of the book. The student should replace any library property damaged by them. At the end of each semester, both the staff and the students are expected to return all the books to the library. The librarian will examine the books returned and if any book has been damaged, the borrower should replace it with a new copy. Books should be handled with love and care. Marking on books is strictly objected. Students are forbidden to tear or scribble on pages of magazines and books. Any student found doing so would be punished severely.